The Newborn Experience

The first few weeks of your baby’s life pass by in a blur, and you will never have those precious moments again.  A newborn portrait session is the perfect way to capture the sweet innocence, delicate features, and angelic expressions that fill your heart with joy.  A newborn marks a fresh chapter in the life of a family.  Preserving this special time with artistic newborn photography is truly an act of love.

Our Style…

Our custom portrait sessions are a unique and luxurious experience to preserve your family’s most precious moments.  We strive to create a relaxed and memorable newborn photography session, while capturing a variety of natural newborn portraits to celebrate the beauty of this special time.  With an eye for perfect moments and unique perspectives, we create newborn portraits that are beautiful, intimate, and emotional.  We help with styling and posing, and apply our expertise in artful lighting and retouching to bring out the best in your newborn portraits.  We love getting to know each of our clients, and creating one-of-a-kind art that you will treasure forever.


It’s never too early to book!  Newborn portraits are ideally captured within the first 5-10 days of life, when your baby will be sleeping deeply and curling up naturally for those precious newborn poses.  The exact timing depends on a number of factors that we will take into consideration once your baby has been born.  We understand that these first few weeks are unpredictable, and although we can no longer capture some of the flexible poses from those early days, we will welcome babies at a few weeks old for in-home or studio lifestyle newborn sessions.  We only book a limited number of newborn sessions per month to ensure availability around your due date.  We offer sessions on weekday mornings, when babies are their sleepiest.  Husbands and partners are welcome to join us on their lunch break if they are already back at work.  If you require a weekend date for a Signature Newborn Session, please let us know at the time of booking.

How long will your session last?

Newborn photography sessions generally last around three hours.  There is plenty of time for nursing, soothing, and lots of cuddles.  We strive to create a relaxed and peaceful environment, and our priority is always your comfort and the safety of your newborn.  These sessions are delicate and we patiently take the time to perfect each pose.  Our gentle and detailed approach allows us to capture those precious moments that become the most beautiful meaningful portraits.

Studio or on-location?

We offer our natural style of newborn portraiture in the comfort of your home.  We will bring along portable lighting equipment, blankets, and accessories to set up a studio in your bedroom for the “classic” posed newborn portraits that are so perfect for birth announcements and timeless wall art.  We can also capture a variety of lifestyle baby and family portraits that incorporate the nursery and other meaningful settings within the home.  As an alternative, we also offer our Park Hill studio for clients who have limited space, or would prefer a controlled environment for newborn portraits (this can be especially helpful when siblings are active or family is visiting).

What to wear…

Clothing and colors are key elements for beautiful, timeless portraits.  Babies are cutest in their bare bottoms, and we prefer to keep accessories simple and sweet.  We have our own selection of blankets, wraps, bonnets and dainty headbands, and will coordinate color schemes for the session with you based on your style, your home, and the nursery’s theme.  If there is a certain look you are going for, you are welcome to provide accessories for us to work into the images, but we love for you to share them with us ahead of time so we can plan to make them stand out in the images.  If you’re looking for something in particular, we have several sites we can recommend with products designed just for baby, but we recommend looking on as a great start.  You can search for “newborn photography props,” and you’ll find LOTS of adorable options.

As for parents, we love skin-on-skin for intimate newborn portraits.  A lace camisole or a strapless dress for Mom.  A bare chest, crisp white T, or fitted button-down shirt for Dad.  We recommend simple, classic apparel that reflects your style.  Neutrals and creams with touches of pastels for a soft, gentle feel or pops of colors that reflect the style of your home usually look best.  Your Welcome Packet will prove lots of inspiration.

Signature Newborn Session vs. Mini Session…

Our Signature Newborn Session is offered at your home or in our Park Hill studio.  The session may last up to four hours and includes portraits of your newborn, as well as siblings and family.  Signature Newborn Session clients are interested in an extensive selection of images to create wall art clusters and keepsake albums.  As an alternative, our Newborn Mini Sessions are offered in our studio and focus solely on portraits of your newborn and the “classic” poses.

Artistically edited…

Art takes time!  But rest assured, it’s worth the wait.  For every minute we spend together with you, we spend hundreds more behind the scenes to make your portraits and overall experience exceptional.  Following your family portrait session, we carefully compare the hundreds of images from your session to select the best ones from each concept – based on facial expressions, posing, lighting, sharpness, background, and overall appeal.  These final images are each individually processed and enhanced into a true work of art.

Displaying your portraits….

You will receive your private online gallery of beautifully edited newborn portraits within 3-4 weeks of your session to make your order selections.  You’re of course welcome to share your gallery with family and friends.  Like most professional portrait photographers, we do not release RAW files, since these are merely a starting place for your final portraits.  If you should like your products to arrive in time for a birthday or special occasion, please notify us in advance, and we will try our best to accommodate.  We are always happy to advise on creative ways to display your baby and family photos.

We offer a variety of fine art prints, custom wall-art, and keepsake albums to suit every client.  Each product we offer has been selected for its craftsmanship, and the heirloom quality ensures that your custom art will be enjoyed for generations!  We invite you to our Park Hill studio for a personal design session.  We encourage you to take measurements and photos of where you plan to showcase your portrait art, so we can show how different wall art displays will look in your home.  We will consult with you on options for displaying your baby and family portraits in creative and beautiful ways.  Whether you prefer a modern contemporary style or rustic chic, we’ll work together to ensure your portraits fit your home perfectly.

Reserve now…

Please visit the Investment section for details and pricing of our portrait sessions.  When you’re ready to book your portrait session, please contact us at  We look forward to capturing these special memories for your family!