Brandon is the kind of guy that does really well on the fly, off the cuff, just winging it.  But, he MUCH prefers to  be methodical, well-planned, and well-practiced at his craft.  He’s also the kind of artist who likes time, lots of quiet focused time to be able to tinker and adjust lights, backgrounds, angles and the kinds of details that no one else would really notice except in the overall finished product of his lovely images.
This is where having our own studio really comes into play.  Not only is it an opportunity to have our own space, with our own work on display, where we can host clients for both photography sessions as well as gallery reveals and product meetings, but it’s a space where he can be an artist and create with purpose, methodology and the freedom to try new things.
Well, we’ve been in our space for about a week now and we think it’s look pretty great!  No longer an empty shell, the studio has cool air, lovely floors, and a cozy sitting area for families and clients to hang out during sessions and for gathering together for gallery meetings.  We have some things in studio that we hope will make our clients feel even more at home:  a changing table for babies, step stool in the bathroom so kiddos can get where they need to ‘go’,  a stocked mini-fridge, emergency snacks, books and blocks to keep young ones entertained, and a big-screen TV to display images in their full glory on during gallery reveals and product meetings.  Take a look:
We love how light and airy the studio is, how open the shooting area is, and how friendly the space feels to adults and kids alike.  But friends, there is still A LOT we need to do:  we have black-out curtains to hang, signage to design, buy, and hang, examples of our work and products to order & hang on the walls, and more work to be done setting up all of the photography gear so we can make the best images possible in our tiny work space.  We’ll keep you updated as we make progress, and can’t wait to get settled enough to send out invites for our Studio Grand Opening and Open House a little later in the summer (please say you’ll come!).  We can’t wait to have you in to see it for yourself!


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