Why Choose Brandon J. Scott Photography

We are a boutique neighborhood photography studio specializing in beautiful children’s portraits, and we treat our school clients in exactly the same way we treat our portrait clients.  Each school, like each family, is unique, and we customize our partnership to match the needs of the school and their community exactly.

Our photographic style is simple, elegant and authentic.  Our professional portrait photographers work with students in a natural school setting to capture their true personality in both traditional and more candid poses.  We invest the time in each student to help them feel comfortable, at ease, and happy with and proud of the images we create together.

As a business and as parents ourselves, we believe in the power of beautiful portraiture to boost children’s self confidence and we want to help reinvent the traditional school picture experience to something that students, schools, and families actually look forward to and celebrate the results of!

Here are some of the standout reasons for your school to partner with Brandon J. Scott Photography:

Community Building- Our relationship with schools doesn’t end with Fall and Class Photos.  We work to build a full-year relationship with the school community, donating time and photography services to school events throughout the year, providing complimentary teacher headshots before school even begins, and delivering beautiful campus stock imagery for schools to use in marketing and online materials.

Actively Investing In Schools- Brandon J. Scott Photography donates 10% of all net sales for our Fall and Spring Photo Programs directly back to our client schools, allowing for a completely hands-off bi-annual fundraiser.

Organized and Systematic Processes- Our systems are organized in a way that makes school photography easy on everybody. Our convenient online ordering system takes out the middleman position that the school administration is usually stuck with, saving them time and allowing staff to focus on the business of the school and students. Parents and students can view all the photos online and do all their ordering through our website, and our friendly team is always ready to support families directly with questions or assistance.

Boutique Photography For All- Our photographers are professionally trained portrait photographers who authentically love working with children and families.  We work to ensure students feel comfortable and confident in front of our lens, and we guarantee a retake to families for any reason whatsoever.  Our goal is to create images that authentically represent your student and their personality, and are of the highest quality at every step of the way from image capture to final product.