Our Family

Modern Family Photography

At Brandon J. Scott Photography, we believe great portraits can take your breath away and put a smile on your face.  There’s nothing more powerful than seeing your family as art on the walls or a collection of images in a curated album.  We love to capture the special in the everyday and mark the big events.   Whether it’s those brand new baby teeth or the toothless smile of a six year old, these are the times to cherish.

Brandon and Ashley

Brandon has been a photographer for more than thirty years.  His first meaningful photograph was taken when he was just thirteen, and photography has been a passion ever since leading him to study both portrait and landscape photography with some of the top names in the industry.  His photographic focus changed dramatically after having children.  Capturing his daughters’ fleeting expressions, firsts and personality became his primary muse.  After retiring from a successful corporate career, Brandon and Ashley decided to build a studio that would focus on helping people capture their family’s connection and development.

Ashley was an elementary school teacher for more than thirteen years.  She has a passion for kids, relating to them and giving them space and time to be themselves.  Ashley is full of energy and brings life into every space she enters.  The littles can feel the openness in her heart and the gentleness of her nature.  Together, Brandon and Ashley create an environment that is fun-filled and ripe for capturing the true personality and connections of children and families.